New Program Simplifies Taxes for Self-Employed Workers

March 7, 2018|

In the midst of tax season, Augusta-based financial company TaxSlayer has announced it is working with a startup to make filing taxes easier for self-employed individuals.

Hurdlr, a company that provides financial, tax and performance insights for what it calls “The 1099 Economy,” on Tuesday announced a strategic partnership with TaxSlayer that will give self-employed workers a simple and streamlined option to pay their taxes.

Users will essentially be able to leverage deductions on mileage, meals and other business expenses by tracking eligible expenses in Hurdlr and populating them into TaxSlayer.

The new program mainly targets freelancers, independent contractors and small business owners. Hurdlr co-founder and CEO Raj Bhaskar said the company talked with thousands of workers in those categories throughout the development process to gain an understanding of what they find most valuable.

“Most of them want to spend more time on their passions and less time tracking their finances,” Bhaskar said. “And they want to maximize their deductions. Hurdlr with TaxSlayer is a complete solution that saves self-employed people time and money.”

Hurdlr says its expense and mileage tracker finds more than $5,600 in tax deductions on average for customers, saving a total $250 million for customers in the process of tracking $6 billion in finances.


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