Company Sets Record for Safe Work Hours

March 8, 2018|

Employees with Environmental Management’s liquid-waste contractor recently set a company record by surpassing 7 million hours without injury resulting in a missed day of work at the Savannah River Site (SRS).

It was the first time Savannah River Remediation (SRR) crossed the 7-million-hour threshold under its contract with Environmental Management, which began in 2009.

SRR recorded its previous safety record in 2015 when employees reached 6.5 million hours without injury resulting in a missed day of work.

The company’s liquid waste mission includes removing bulk waste removal in one of the site’s high-level waste tanks, finishing construction on a new high-volume disposal unit, and continuing outage maintenance at the liquid waste facilities.

“SRR is moving the liquid waste mission forward each time an employee works safely, whether it is by attending a pre-job briefing, abiding by the posted speed limits, or calling a time-out with their work,” said SRR President and Project Manager Tom Foster. “This string of hours represents SRR’s focus on safety and the commitment we have to our community and state to reduce the risk of legacy liquid waste.”



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