Regular Cleaning Makes a Business Look Inviting to Customers

February 6, 2018|

By Tony Creighton

Imagine cleaning your bathroom surfaces only once every three months. Or only cleaning your kitchen surfaces once a year? What if a restaurant manager never scheduled any employees to clean the toilets in the men’s restroom or mop the dining room floors?

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone that could successfully argue in favor of such cleaning schedules. Yet, how often are the areas of your properties such as the service entrance concrete, dumpster pad areas, concrete entryways or the exterior of your building’s siding, brick or stucco surface properly cleaned?

We often see restaurant service entrances and dumpster areas that are so infrequently cleaned that they bring to life the analogy of how a kitchen only cleaned once a year would look – unsightly, unsanitary, and eventually leading to irreparable damage.

Next time you go into any commercial store, restaurant or mall, take a look down at the concrete at the entrance doors. Is it covered in discarded chewing gum splotches and stains? Discarded chewing gum that sits on concrete for weeks or months will eventually cause a permanent stain to the surface that will still be visible once the actual gum blob is melted away with hot water pressure washing. So even though the surface has been cleaned with a pressure washer, it will still have dirty looking “gum shadows.”

A regularly maintained commercial property that is professionally cleaned with proper detergents and hot water pressure cleaning systems will result in immensely cleaner and sanitary conditions, ensuring you never have a “shadow” stain.

Additionally, the accumulation of algae, dirt, pollutants and other environmental materials will begin to deteriorate the surfaces of your property over time if left uncleaned. Regularly scheduled cleanings of your property’s exterior surfaces not only maintains a clean and inviting appearance, it will also prevent wear and tear damage that can be costly to repair.

Regularly scheduled exterior cleanings from a reputable pressure washing company such as AllClean Pressure Washing to maintain clean concrete surfaces and building exteriors will be significantly less expensive over time than doing so on a sporadic basis. Properly cleaned and maintained properties are also safer for tenants, customers and employees.

In the long run, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual exterior cleanings with a licensed, knowledgeable pressure washing company can leave your property with a clean and professional appearance while saving you money and the headache of building exterior repairs.

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