DIY Pressure Washing Could Cost More in the Long Run

January 10, 2018|

By Tony Creighton

Abraham Lincoln once said “A person who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client.”

Just think about that for a second; most people aren’t trained as lawyers, so they won’t know all the legal terms, procedures and loopholes that give themselves the best chance of winning, especially when going up against a trained professional. Thus, their chances of winning their case will be slim to none and their attempt to do so, awkward at best. Why take the risk?

So, how hard could it possibly be to properly and safely maintain the exterior of a commercial building, restaurant or strip mall? Timmy and Tina, the teenagers that were just hired last week, or Mr. Wilson, the in-house maintenance manager, should be able pressure wash the siding and concrete walks in your 75-unit apartment complex, right? Isn’t that the easiest, most cost effective way to do things?

Think about it again. Please.

Set aside the thought that in either case above, neither person would likely have the experience and knowledge to remove gum from concrete, mildew or graffiti from vinyl siding without damaging it or remove dangerous, slippery grease from restaurant entrances that a Professional, experienced, properly-equipped exterior cleaning contractor would provide.

Also, set aside the thought that, in addition to needing the proper experience and equipment, one would need the proper knowledge and professional-grade detergents to get the best possible results.

Additionally, think about the risks of having an inexperienced employee using a high-pressure wand that could very easily cause damage to concrete, windows, stucco or vinyl siding. A high-pressure stream of water that accidentally comes into contact with bare skin can create painful and dangerous injuries to your employees. Imagine the inexperienced employee incorrectly tries to use a dangerous caustic chemical to remove grease or stains and ends up splashing it in his eyes or skin causing dangerous burns.

The costs of dealing with the legalities of job-incurred injuries to employee will far outweigh the cost of any perceived savings by trying to handle it yourself, in-house, with an employee – guaranteed.

Secondary to the liability risk, when you consider the entire financial costs: paying the employee hourly rate, paying for the pressure washing equipment, the gas to run it, the cost to repair it when it breaks, the costs of any chemicals or detergents than need to be purchased out of your budget, you simply can’t do it more cost-effectively in house.

There is hardly a scenario where it would make sense to try and handle your pressure washing in-house using your current employees. It is for all of these reasons, that we recommend hiring a licensed, knowledgeable pressure washing company like AllClean Pressure Washing to meet your exterior cleaning needs. In the long run, it will save you time, money, and possible legal hassles.

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