New GreenJackets Ballpark has a Name

August 23, 2017|

The new stadium for the Augusta GreenJackets finally has a name: SRP Park.

The price of the naming rights was not released by the team or any officials from SRP Federal Credit Union. The city of North Augusta will receive $100,000 from the sale.

SRP FDC is one of North Augusta’s largest local companies and has been a sponsor of the Augusta GreenJackets for more than 20 years, according to SRP’s Chairman of the Board Roy Geiselhart. SRP FCU was started in 1960.

“This is really about investing in the community,” says SRP President Harry Gunsallus. “As one of the major employers and investors of the community, we couldn’t imagine anyone else being here.”

GreenJackets president Jeff Eiseman says the stadium at Riverside Village is going to be “one hell of a destination.”

“It won’t be Suntrust Park in Atlanta, but when it comes to having many of the accoutraments on a scaled level, it will be better in a lot of respects,” Eiseman says.

According to Eiseman, the ballpark experience will bring much more depth and dimension to local fans; that includes theater-style seats, the results of a 7-figure investment in video display technology, and an intimate environment where fans will be right on top of the action.

The Greenjackets’ first home game will be on April 12 against the Lexington Legends.

“I think this community…when they get to experience professional sports the right way, I’m hoping they’ll be as hooked as I am,” Eiseman says.

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