Kroger Asks Customers to ‘Round Up’ Purchases for Hurricane Donations

August 28, 2017|

Kroger is asking its customers to give money to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey by “rounding up” their purchases to the nearest dollar or making a cash donation when they visit their local Kroger.

Customers’ donations will assist the American Red Cross in providing aid to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“Kroger customers have shown time and time again they are very compassionate and always willing to help those in need,” said Felix Turner, corporate affairs manager for Kroger’s Atlanta Division. “Every contribution will allow the Red Cross to provide assistance to the victims of this devastating storm. We are encouraging all of our customers to come together as we ‘round-up’ support for victims and help in the much-needed relief efforts.”

Kroger will begin accepting donations on Monday, Aug. 28 and will continue through Sunday, Sept. 3. Kroger wants to provide aid to all those in need, and a Round-Up is a simple way for shoppers to give. Round-Up funds add up quickly, so even a small amount of change will make a very big difference. For example, a customer who purchases $99.02 of groceries can “Round Up” his bill to $100 – so 98 cents goes toward the relief effort.

The Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund will use Kroger customers’ donations to deliver food, water, clothing and other necessities to help displaced residents and victims.

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