New Joint Venture in Augusta Tech Will Protect ‘Internet of Things’ in Homes

August 10, 2017|

Affordable cyber technology will reportedly be developed in more homes soon, thanks to a joint venture between two technology companies.

Cyber security company EDTS Cyber, LLC and technology sector investment group Cape Augusta, LLC are forming a joint venture company, Secure IOT (Internet of Things), LLC, to provide reliable security solutions for the consumer market.

The companies are shooting for full-scale operation by January of 2018, aiming to secure easy-to-hack networks of home devices such as video streaming devices and thermostats for an affordable price.

The venture expects to add 50-75 new jobs by 2021.

“Securing the Internet of Things is a huge mission that must be tackled immediately,” Charles Johnson, CEO of EDTS Cyber and founding partner of Secure IOT, said in a statement. “Cape Augusta and EDTS Cyber are actively working with various internet service providers, technology inventors, and industry experts to develop a solution that can protect new and future IOT technology.”

Internet-connected home devices—refrigerators, home automation systems, video streaming devices, video games and thermostats—are typically easy to set up, easy to use and unfortunately easy to hack.

Secure IOT is dedicated to solving that problem, offering quality home system security for an affordable price.

“Even though this new venture is aimed at the home sector, I feel it’s helping our national security stance,” Johnson said.

Most companies are concentrated on protecting government systems and private companies. Home users are typically left with basic protection, as advanced cyber security is expensive and complicated.

There are very few reports about the millions of consumers that fall victim to attacks and lose data from within their own homes. Hackers and thieves target home systems for financial gain, gaining access to tax returns, banking information, and personal details.

“These systems when compromised are being used to attack U.S. systems and infrastructures and this has to stop,” Johnson said.



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