‘Comfort Food with a Twist’ Rolls into Aiken

August 28, 2017|

Two and a half weeks after Christian Schaumann bought the truck from a friend, Feel Good Food, a new food truck selling “Comfort Food with a Twist,” is up and running at 1031 Richland Ave W in Aiken.

Schaumann and his wife Molly, who have worked at restaurants for a combined 30 years, have wanted to start their own food business for a while. But the right opportunity hadn’t come along. When it finally did, the Schaumanns didn’t waste any time.

“A friend had an amazing gourmet kitchen on wheels,” Shaumann says.

The truck had previously belonged to the Wilcox Hotel in Aiken. Now it’s the home of the Schaumann family’s comfort food that includes everything from smoked pork belly to fried mac-n-cheese. On Saturday, Feel Good Food had an official “soft opening” and served items like flank steak sandwiches, honey ham and brie paninis and handcut jerky. The Schaumanns served around 100 people, then wrapped up the weekend with a Sunday brunch menu. Schaumann says it was “awesome.”

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for 17 years, and my wife has been in it for 13 years,” Schaumann says. “…With where I was in life, it was time to do something on my own.”

Once the foodies behind Feel Good Food have gotten into a rhythm, Schaumann hopes to turn the vacant building on the Richland Avenue lot into a beer and wine bar complete with ping pong, cornhole and entertainment for kids.

For now, he’s still trying to get a feel for the truck. Considering he was in his 17th year at Aiken Brewing Company less than three weeks ago, that’s understandable.

Feel Good Food will be open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m until around 10 p.m.

No word yet on where the food truck will appear in the CSRA outside of its Richland Avenue home base, but it will be making plenty of appearances at music festivals. Schaumann helps organize the annual Aiken Bluegrass Festival in May, a event that will likely be full of locals in the mood for some Feel Good Food.

“We have every intention of doing as many (east coast) music festivals as we can,” Schaumann says.

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