Help Them Change! Instill ‘best practices’ with employees

April 14, 2017|

Say something like this to your employees: “This is a chance to build you up, not tear you down. We’re in this together and I’m glad we are. I appreciate each of you. We are growing. With growth comes a busy-looking and busy-feeling business. We look more hurried. We are more hurried. That’s the look and actions of a business that’s growing sales. Don’t let it frazzle you. We’re in it together, and even when it feels like chaos and it is a chaotic, it’s a good challenge to be faced with.”

All that said, we recognize a “best practices”  philosophy in order to complete our work in the most efficient, quantitative and qualitative manner for several reasons:

  1. We are in a diverse environment
  2. We are experiencing quick growth
  3. We have a three- to five-day turnaround

The definition of best practice is a procedure that has been shown by research and experience to produce optimal results and that is established or proposed as a standard suitable for widespread adoption. When we change a way we use a piece of equipment, it’s because we’ve discovered this as a better way, or a “best practice.”


Why best practices? To eliminate re-do’s, waste and additional wages, three of the worst enemies to growth and continued employment.

We want to grow, experience higher wage opportunities to provide for our families and produce the best-quality product for our customers. It’s simple: quality, growth, wages. If we resist change, it jeopardizes those things.

Tell your employees it is okay to feel frustrated; keep pushing through that. We’ll celebrate the failures, helping us learn and be better at what we do.

The quickest way to keep a leader/owner frustrated is to not change. There will be times when the change doesn’t work. At those times, discuss the process and go on to the next best practice.

Some more thoughts on the topic:

“If you are not willing to try change, you are not willing to change. You will be left behind by those willing to push and succeed by changing the way they work.”

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

“People resist change because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they’ll gain.”

Appreciate your employees by telling them the hard stuff. They can take it! Help them accept change.

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