Brews to compliment the course

April 3, 2017|

I’m not going to review Battlin’ Bulldog Beer because I’ve never had it. Furthermore, the two cans of it on my desk are in their late 30s. So, I’m probably not going to have it.

Some research led me to a little bit of drama regarding these two cans I display as a proud look back at the days of yesteryear. As it turns out, the University of Georgia sued the brewer, and there exists a court opinion regarding Battlin’ Bulldog Beer on the records. Oh, well. So much for my pipe dreams of Braves Brew, Gamecock Gaelic Ale (Tap the Cockies) and Bernhard Lager.

Amidst my broken dreams of what might have been, I did manage to try a couple of quality brews, and I thought enough of both to share with you.

Tallgrass 8-Bit Pale Ale

Since winter never came to Georgia this year (and one of our azaleas is in full bloom), I’ll say this American pale ale from Manhattan, Kansas, would go great on or around the 14th tee. It pours a moderately frothy head with citrus and pine coming nicely through the nose. The taste has a nice bitterness on its back end with grass and malt throughout. The body is middle-of-the-road, and the ABV is around 5 percent, so the drinkability is there for the daylight hours on the course or during a well-deserved 19th hole. It would also go greatly with a soft pretzel and French’s yellow mustard. Fore!!!

Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout

OK, here’s one for next winter (if it decides to show up). Simply put, this is one of the best coffee stout ales I think I’ve ever had. The ABV is around 6 percent, so it’s not too sweet. However, the nose would lead you to believe otherwise, with more than hints of coffee and sugar dominating. The coffee aspect of this ale comes through a bit more bitter on the tongue, which is welcome if you don’t have an overtly sweet tooth. As well, think of the chocolatey aspects as being a tad more on the high cocoa end of the spectrum. Overall, Sierra Nevada has accomplished the task of being robust and full throughout without being sweet and chewy – very well done and superbly balanced. Try it alone at first and then perhaps with the Kitchen Sink at Whiskey Bar Kitchen. Yum!!!

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