State Farm Introduces Transportation Company Driver Coverage

March 21, 2017|

State Farm is introducing a new coverage endorsement in South Carolina to help fill insurance gaps for its policyholders who use their personal cars to provide rides for a Transportation Network Company (TNC), like Uber and Lyft. The TNC industry is rapidly changing the livery/taxi industry by using the latest mobile technology to facilitate rides for hire. With these new transportation services in the marketplace, drivers are exposed to new risks.

Insurance provided by TNCs may be limited in scope and coverage. Personal auto policies generally do not extend coverage to the use of personal cars as taxis or livery vehicles, including their use in TNC services.

To adapt to changing customer needs, beginning Monday, March 20, 2017, State Farm will offer a Transportation Network Company Driver Coverage endorsement in South Carolina.

“Adapting and innovating to our customers’ changing needs is critical,” said State Farm spokesman Roszell Gadson.  “This new product is an example of our commitment to our customers and provides them coverage, and peace of mind, when they use their personal cars to provide TNC services.”

TNCs in South Carolina may provide high liability coverage limits while a paying passenger occupies the driver’s vehicle or when the driver has been connected with a passenger and is on the way to pick that person up.  But TNCs tend to provide a much lower limit of liability coverage when drivers are just available for hire and may not provide the drivers with any medical payments, comprehensive, or collision coverages at all.  The TNCs may not be providing coverage for injuries to the driver or coverage for any damage to the driver’s personal car.

The new, optional State Farm TNC Driver Coverage endorsement in South Carolina, enables a policyholder to have his/her personal auto policy fill in the coverage gaps left by TNC-provided insurance.  This cost-effective endorsement provides the driver with the full liability coverage limits carried on his/her auto policy during the period of time when the driver is available for hire, and provides the driver with all other coverages applicable to his/her auto policy during all periods of TNC driving.

South Carolina customers who drive for a TNC should contact their local State Farm agent to learn more about the new State Farm TNC Driver Coverage endorsement.state-farm-logo

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