Family-owned business teaches future mechanics

March 7, 2017|

Bufferman webSteve Nevarez wanted to pass something on to his sons.

“I don’t have riches, but I have a lot of business experience and talent,” Nevarez said.

He previously owned construction businesses and two mechanic shops in Colorado before moving to Augusta where he retired. Last year, however, Nevarez decided to come out of retirement to open a small engine repair shop.

He and his sons, Josh, 29, and Steven, 16, now have The Bufferman, providing an array of services from work trailer and lawnmower repair to a variety of automotive services at 1700 Belmont Ave. in Augusta. Josh serves as shop manager and Steven is the Bufferman’s first shop apprentice.

“We are very excited to become a part of Augusta’s growing business community,” Nevarez said. “Our goal is to make a positive impact on the community with our services.”

Nevarez and his sons want to teach others mechanic skills. The family is reaching out to several local colleges with small engine mechanic programs to give students a hands-on “externship.”

Something to pass on to not only his sons, but the Augusta community.

For more details on The Bufferman, call (706) 380-5044.




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