Copy That: Are you getting the most from your copier?

March 15, 2017|

working copier printer - vector illustration

Although you might still be using the term “copier,” today machines that provide you with copies are better known as MFDs (multi-function devices) or MFPs (multi-function printers). The reason is that today’s machines do a lot more than copy. If you are not taking advantage of their many functions, you could be wasting a lot of money and time. Today’s copiers can enhance workflow performance, reduce expenses, and even build in security and confidentiality measures.

Today’s copiers no longer restrict their uses to individual computers or even the four walls of your office. With AirPrint technology, devices on a network can have the same advantages as someone working at a desktop computer. Whether using a smart device or a desktop, you can determine if you want your document to be printed in grayscale or color, one- or two-sided or even stapled. To give smart technology users more flexibility, an app provides more control of options and simplifies the procedure. ICloud printing makes “follow-me printing” or mobile printing possible. This technology is perfect when you might be visiting another site, such as a convention center or hotel. Your document is printed via an email attachment and a release code provided by the host site. Not only does the system provide you with added security for the printing, but it allows guests to print without accessing the host’s network.

You can also control your copier costs through several options available in multi-functional devices. Many copiers have built-in settings that can be configured to print grayscale unless overridden. If you are leasing your copier, this setting can reduce your printing costs, as color can cost much more than grayscale. Devices can also track who printed what. We find that even when individual users are not charged for their copies, tallies at the end of a designated period of time help to build awareness and tend to reduce costs.

Other advantages may not even involve a hard copy. Scanning capabilities permit optical character recognition to make even pdf files text-searchable. Some machines also scan directly into Word or Excel formats. Even faxes have changed. The ability to receive and send faxes electronically builds added security without tell-tale paper copies littering the work room. The machines also can be configured to send certain faxes to specific folders on your computer or to email to your inbox as a pdf.

What’s on the horizon? Machines are getting easier to use and integrating more with cloud structure. Last year’s introduction of the Smart Operation Panel allows users to customize screens.

If you are still using that machine in your office for simple tasks, it’s time you called your supplier to explore all of its options or search your model number on the Internet.

Your multi-function device may not be able to clean your floors or make your coffee … but we’re working on it!

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