Social Media Resolutions For 2017

December 30, 2016|

New Year 2016 conceptBy Kelsey Morrow

A new year is upon us and that means one thing: New Years Resolutions! This year, think outside of the gym or the health food store and consider something a little more social. Social Media, that is.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when planning your company’s social media strategy for the new year.

Aim for Consistency: I am a big proponent of tailoring your message to each specific social media channel. Something that works on Instagram, a photo sharing platform, may not have the same effect on Twitter which is primarily text based.

However, the one exception to this rule is your account profile picture. This issue comes up primarily when a follower of one of your platforms decides that they want to find you on another platform.  Having the same profile picture on each of your business’s social media accounts allows your page to be instantly recognizable when viewers are searching across platforms. Particularly if you are a small business, the chances are good that a business somewhere else in the world has a name similar to yours. For example, there is a Marketing firm in Florida that has a name very similar (minus a key “The”) to a Marketing firm here in Augusta. Similar imagery makes it immediately clear to the searcher that they have found your company’s correct account and not just one with a similar name.

Develop a Social Media Schedule: The new year is a great time to sit down and reflect on your current social media posting habits. One of the biggest problems that people tell me they have experienced with social media is not having enough time to post. That can be solved with scheduling.

Platforms such as Facebook and Mail Chimp offer scheduling options. Just create your post or e-newsletter like you normally would, and then set a day to post/send your creation.

Another scheduling option is Hootsuite, a social media dashboard that allows you to connect all of your social media accounts and post from one location. Hootsuite currently connects with over 35 social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn, but is always in the process of adding more.

Are there certain times of the year that you know will be particularly busy? If you know a head of time which days or months social media will not be a priority, you can schedule posts for these times in advance. That way you will avoid long gaps of non-activity, but won’t have to add any stress to your busiest moments.

Try Something New: Whether it is a new type of post or a new social media platform entirely, the new year is a great time to break out of your comfort zone.

As I mentioned in my previous column, videos on social media are extremely popular right now, and predicted to become even more so in 2017. Have you tried the Facebook Live option on your company page? We just started doing regular Facebook Live posts at Buzz about a month ago, and we are already hooked. They are a simple way to showcase just about anything. Having a special event at your company? Use Facebook Live to share the event with your followers! Have some important news to share? Use Facebook Live to tell it in video form. The possibilities are endless.

Is there a social media platform that you want to try, but haven’t yet? Start the new year off by making an account. Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only platforms used by businesses anymore. Instagram launched ads earlier this year and has become increasingly popular with businesses. Snapchat as well is a rapidly growing platform with business marketing implications.

Whether your goal is to spruce up your existing accounts or to add new ones, make 2017 your best social media year yet!

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