Consistency in Tasks, Words Leads to Business Success

December 20, 2016|

Business LeadershipBy Missie Usry

Arsene Wenger once said, “When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.”

The textbook definition for consistency is having conformity in the application of a task repetitively; it is believed that consistency is a characteristic that is imperative for leaders in every way of life.

Eric Holtzclaw lists five reasons why consistency is important in business and in leadership.

  1. Consistency allows for measurement. Until you’ve tried a process consistently for a specific period of time, you won’t know if the process is working or not. Otherwise, how can you measure performance?
  2. Holtzclaw says that consistency creates accountability. When asking employees to be accountable for meeting goals, it’s a priority that a leader does the same with consistent feedback and recurring team meetings. The fact that there is a set time to report on business progress means that employees will be motivated to carry a project to success.
  3. Consistency establishes reputation. Business growth requires a successful track record and this won’t happen if the business is not consistent with a plan. Constantly shifting gears and changing tactics doesn’t allow enough time to measure success and gives the appearance of a failing business.
  4. Holzclaw mentions that consistency makes a business relevant. This applies to leaders as well. A business or leader who is not consistent loses ground, employees lose respect and the business never has a chance to gain traction.
  5. It’s important to maintain a consistent message. Your team pays as much attention to what their supervisor does as to what they say. Employees watch what a manager does and models after that behavior, despite what rules or guidelines have been set. Practice what you preach!

Consistency is the power that fuels businesses to succeed. Consistency means that a business is providing predictable, reliable results to a customer, client or to an employee every time.

Missie Usry is Enrollment Manager and heads up Georgia Military College’s Augusta Campus Admissions Department. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges accredits Georgia Military College, which means that credits earned at the institution are eligible for transfer to other accredited schools. For questions, please call 706-993-1123, email, or visit

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