No Plans For Augusta Expansion

November 28, 2016|

buzzonbiztraderjoesBy Kelsey Morrow

Contrary to rumor, a popular grocery store chain does not have its sights set on the Garden City.

In response to a question from reader Lydia Huter, Buzz on Biz recently spoke with the Trader Joe’s corporate office.

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain based in Monrovia, Calif., near Los Angeles. Price-wise, they can be compared to Aldi’s, but the shopping experience is unique. They are known for their cedar plank walls, intricate chalk murals, and crewmembers’ distinctive Hawaiian shirts. However, most importantly, they are known for their product variety and low prices.

“We just focus on what matters,” The Trader Joe’s website states, “great food + great prices = Value.”

Currently, a visit to Trader Joe’s involves driving more than an hour from Augusta to either Columbia or Athens.

“At this point there are no plans to come to Augusta,” a spokesperson from Trader Joes informed Buzz on Biz. “We have a two year plan where we open up ten new stores every two years. Augusta is currently not on that list”

However, Trader Joe’s urged those who would like to see a Trader Joe’s come to the Garden City to visit and submit a general request asking for a store.

For more information about Trader Joe’s or its current store locations, visit

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