Local Company, Med Center Create Custom Weight Loss Plans

September 13, 2016|

healthwiseThe 2016 health rankings for the State of Georgia show 35 percent of adults in Richmond County are obese. This is just one of the factors that ranks the county 135th out of 159 counties in the state for the health factors considered.

Although Columbia County ranks 8th in the state for all factors, the adult obesity rate is still 29 percent. Although the rates of obesity in the two counties are lower than the national average of 37.7 percent, they are still high.

In an effort to fight the obesity epidemic in the CSRA, Action Medical Center has partnered with Nutritional Resources, Inc., of Grovetown, manufacturer of the HealthWise product line. HealthWise products are designed to help people lose weight while ensuring they are getting the proper nutrients in their diet.

The two companies have put together a program to help people lose weight but more importantly, to make permanent change in their habits and affect long term change in their health. This is achieved through behavioral change that includes increased activity and exercise along with an improved relationship with food.

Action Medical Center’s team works with each client individually to develop a custom plan for weight loss that may include HealthWise products, counseling and other scientifically proven interventions while avoiding the use of potentially harmful drugs and surgical interventions. All client plans are overseen by the staff of doctors and nurse practitioners to ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy possible.

Obesity has been shown in multiple studies to increase the risk of more than 50 different health problems, including the top causes of death in the United States – heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

For more information on the clinic and its programs visitactionmedicalcenter.com.

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