Popular Demand Brings Appliance Store To Augusta

December 29, 2015|

Prestige ApplianceBy Kelsey Morrow

Due to popular demand, a South Carolina appliance store is expanding to the Georgia side of the river.

Prestige Appliance, which already has locations in Aiken and Columbia, plans to build on Riverwatch Parkway in Augusta in the near future. The new location is expected to open by the beginning of April.

Prestige Appliance sells home appliances such as washing machines, dish washers and refrigerators.

According to Prestige’s owner, Doug Huffer, customers in the Augusta area expressed a desire for the company to expand closer to where they live.

“We chose the Riverwatch location because we felt it was centrally located,” Huffer said. “It’s convenient for customers coming from downtown Augusta, Columbia County and North Augusta. In addition, it is right off of Interstate 20, which will make it easy to find.”

The new store will follow the same concept as the two previous locations. The store will feature “vignettes” of home settings so customers can have a realistic view of how the appliances might look in their home. The appliances in the vignettes will also be fully functional so customers will be able to test out appliances, like icemakers, dishwashers or washing machines.

“This will allow customers to see how our products operate,” Huffer said. “It also allows our employees to walk customers through the different settings and teach them about the machines.”

As opposed to bigger box stores, Prestige Appliance is highly specialized.

“You won’t find any pools, commodes or electronics,” Huffer said. “We do what we know, and we do it well. Our prices are as competitive as the big box stores, and we have highly-trained staff who are very knowledgeable about these products.”

Another unique feature that Prestige provides is convenient servicing of appliances. They are able to service anything that they sell in-store as opposed to having to ship an item to another location to be serviced.

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