Growth Spurs Need for Bigger Facility for Local Racing Business

December 29, 2015|

Jimmy Rivers PerformanceThe need for speed has led a local business to expand to a building nearly triple in size.

Jimmy Rivers Performance Works in Augusta is in the process of building a new facility at the corner of Rose Street and Rose Lane, near their current shop. JRPW is a “racing, go-kart, speed shop” according to owner Jimmy Rivers, and since 1999 has specialized in building performance engines that it ships to racers around the country.

It also offers powder coating and stocks parts and accessories for race cars.

“We’ve been fortunate enough that our growth has surpassed our facility,” Rivers said.

The new facility will be 8,000 square feet, nearly triple the current facility’s 3,000 square feet.

“That gives us more room for more inventory and to provide more services,” Rivers said. “The goal is to give us the ability to grow on the machine shop side.”

Rivers is optimistic that the new building will be ready by the first part of March.

The continued growth of the business will create the biggest challenge in moving into the new facility – slowing down long enough to make the move. JRPW already has a lead time of two to three weeks on its products. Rivers expects the move to take several weeks.

Rivers also writes a monthly tech series called Speed Shop Scholar for the publication Chasen Racen Illustrated.

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