Lost in the Shuffle?: Keep Track of Your Stuff in the Commute Between Worksites

August 11, 2015|

Messy carBy Marin Rose, Organizing Coach, Libra Organizing

In this day and age many employees enjoy the benefits of flexible schedules and programs for remote work. Increasingly, people are becoming entrepreneurs who work from an office and a home office, or even from a “mobile office” (a.k.a., a car). The autonomy and flexibility of these arrangements are obvious attractions.

The tricky part is managing the supplies and documents that must be transferred from place to place. How can we keep track of everything and avoid losing anything important in the shuffle?

Keep your staples in place.  First of all, ensure that both your home and work offices are always stocked with the basics. Keep a full supply of pens, paper, business cards, blank forms and any other “staples” in each location – and never remove them. This way you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you have multiple resources in one place and none on hand in the other. Moving parts are easier to track when there are just a few of them.

Get a dedicated travel carrier. For the documents and supplies that must be transferred from one place to another, transport them in a single, dedicated folder, tote bag or other portable container. This way you’ll avoid losing your important items or getting them mixed up among non-work-related stuff.

Get yourself in the habit of taking your carrier with you each morning and evening, much like your kids do with their school backpacks. And designate a specific spot at home, at work and in the car where this carrier is always placed. Habits like these are the best insurance against loss and confusion.

Lighten the load. How often have you dragged home a pile of work only to drag it right back to the office untouched? Be realistic about how much work you will actually do remotely before packing it up for transport. You’ll reduce the risk of clutter and loss and, more importantly, you’ll enjoy your time at home without the dread of that work leering at you from the corner.

Reduce paper clutter and maximize your mobility using digital solutions. As an organizing coach, I spend most of my time driving from client to client. My digital calendar keeps all my appointments and contacts synched. Dropbox allows me to access up-to-date versions of all my documents from any device, whether I’m at home or on the road.

It’s a lot easier and more secure to drag an office-full of information around town when it’s digital and automatically synched, updated and backed up. Plus, you’ll always be prepared to address last-minute client requests or other business opportunities.

Professional Organizing Coach Marin Rose of Libra Organizing is celebrating five years organizing people’s spaces and lives to help them become happier and more productive – and less stressed. Contact Marin at libraorganizing.com  to schedule a free organizing assessment in your home or office, or to hire her as a speaker.

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