A Few Tips to Make a Workout More Effective

March 31, 2014|

By Tammy and Tommy Garner, Anytime Fitness

Every day, our training staff fields questions from clients who want to know how to get the most out of their workout. It seems like the answer would be fairly simple: Work hard and push yourself, right?

Well, for the most part, that’s true, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help maximize the impact of every minute you spend in the gym.

Follow these tips to ensure a powerful and effective exercise routine.

Speed up. If you’re spending more than an hour at the gym, and not seeing the results you want, you might be wasting too much time between exercises. Keep a stopwatch handy, and give yourself no more than one minute between sets and rotations.

By trimming the fat from your workout schedule, you might start noticing a big impact on the way your body responds to a trip to the gym.

Slow down. All too often, we see clients racing through resistance or weight-based exercises. While this might seem like it’s in line with “speeding up”, it can actually decrease the efficacy of the action. By lifting and releasing each rep slowly, you increasing the impact of every move your body makes.

So, keep it slow through the sets, but keep your eye on the clock while you’re in between.

Follow the correct form. Completing even modest exercise with poor form can be detrimental to your body’s short- and long-term health.

Consult your Anytime Fitness trainer before performing any exercise you’re not familiar with, or about those exercises from which you’re not seeing results. You’ll be surprised at how much difference proper form can make.

Find your natural energy clock. If you’re struggling with summoning the motivation to workout, consider tailoring your workouts to fit your body’s natural energy clock. Working out when your body feels energized not only helps you attack your routine with more vigor, but it also helps add to the endorphin rush released during rigorous exercise. This can be an incredibly powerful motivator as it can become deeply addictive after only a few sessions.

At Anytime Fitness we care about you. Helping find a better you is what we do best. Our caring staff and top-rate personal trainers make us the ideal club for those new to exercise, those who feel intimidated by large, crowded gyms, or the fitness enthusiast. We make it personal and we make it convenient, 24 hours, 365 days a year.

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