Rules and Tools for Leaders

October 1, 2013|

Background on 4th Edition of Rules and Tools for Leaders: From Developing Your Own Skills to Running Organizations or any Size, Practical Advice for Leaders at all Levels

By Perry Smith and Jeff Foley

This book was published on 6 August, 2013. Earlier editions were entitled Taking Charge and, later, Rules and Tools for Leaders: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Effective Managing. Translated into five languages, the earlier editions of this book have been quite successful (more than 300,000 in print). It has been used in corporations, non-profits, churches, military professional colleges, and in leadership programs in schools from high school to MBA and executive MBA programs. It was also, used, for a while, in the Marine Corps general officer orientation course and handed out to new U. S. Army battalion and brigade commanders.

However, by 2012, it was clear that it was time to do a major update and rewrite. There were many new ideas on leadership and many new leadership challenges that needed coverage in a new edition.

After much discussion, Perry and Jeff decided to team up and write the new edition. Jeff, who had retired from the Army in 2010 (his last position in the military was commander of the Signal Center at Fort Gordon, Ga.), and was holding a senior position at George Regents University, was the ideal person to become the co-author of this book. He had lots of fresh ideas about leadership, he and Perry were close friends and he had recent experience in top leadership positions in the military and the non-profit worlds. Also, Jeff , who has been conducting leadership workshops through out the Southeast, is now an independent consultant in leadership development, and is a partner with Ken Blanchard and his Companies. Blanchard is the  co- author of One Minute Manager.

Jeff wrote five chapters, Marine Colonel Michael Bohn wrote a chapter on managing the electronic workspace and Perry wrote a new chapter on leading the non-profits. Perry and Jeff worked together to update the chapters, the checklists and the bibliography. Material that was no longer relevant was eliminated. The result is a book which should be useful for today’s busy leaders.

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