Andrew’s Place Replaces Malibu Jacks

October 13, 2013|

A North Carolina entrepreneur has hired two Augusta food and beverage professionals to run Andrew’s Place in the former Malibu Jacks building at 229 Fury’s Ferry Road at the corner of the Riverwatch Parkway.  A build out of the existing place is underway and the two key folks are aiming for an opening of Friday October 25. Andrew’s Place will be a Bistro\Pub like feel. Nicer tables have been brought in with linen. The bar has been extended from its current location to what was once a private meeting room area with dart boards. The entire restaurant and bar has been opened up.

The managers have given it an old Victorian style feel. Sample menu items include Roast Chicken, Grilled NY Strip Steak, Tapas foods — all with a Spanish influence.

The General Manager\Head Chef worked under Phillippe Chin in Augusta at the Partridge Inn and also worked at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in Atlanta.

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