Doctors Hospital Named Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Surgery

January 30, 2013|

The American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS) has named Doctors Hospital a Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Surgery, making the hospital the first in the area to receive such designation.

A hospital can be recognized as a Center for Excellence once it meets minimally-invasive surgery standards and outcomes as defined by AIMIS. Doctors Hospital has made minimally invasive surgery a priority, which helps to minimize recovery times, reduce scarring, and provide better patient outcomes.

“Our main goal is to provide the very best care for our patients, and one significant way we’ve accomplished this is to offer the top resources for our surgeons through the latest advances in technology and minimally invasive options,” said Doug Welch, CEO. “Our attention to these details has set us apart as a community leader in minimally-invasive surgery.”

“It is rewarding to be recognized as a Center of Excellence, but even more notable is the designation shows we’re doing what is best for women in this community,” said Welch. “A record number of our OB/GYNs have become trained in advanced surgical techniques and in doing so, they’re showing a true commitment to making Doctors Hospital the hospital of choice for women’s surgery, particularly minimally-invasive procedures.

Doctors Hospital’s minimally invasive surgery program has shown significant growth recently. In 2012, 80% of hysterectomy procedures at the hospital were minimally invasive. This number exceeds the national average for open versus minimally invasive hysterectomies which is only around 20%.

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